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Executive Director -The University System of Maryland, Hagerstown

Frostburg State University
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Frostburg, Maryland
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Executive Director
The University System of Maryland, Hagerstown Hagerstown, MD


The University System of Maryland (USM) invites applications for the position of Executive Director ("Executive Director" or "ED") of The University System of Maryland, Hagerstown (USMH). USMH is one of three Regional Higher Education Centers (RHEC's) of USM, and is located in a renovated historic building in downtown Hagerstown. USMH seeks a visionary and collaborative leader who will strengthen programmatic relationships across Western Maryland and the region as well as contribute to the cultural and socioeconomic vitality of the region. The Executive Director will work closely with USM, with the partner institutions of the System, and with major public and private partners in the region, to sustain and expand this critical educational and economic resource.

The successful candidate will be a strategic, hands-on, and committed Executive Director and committed to leading with the vision, skills, and experience necessary to advance the Center's commitment to serving the citizens of the region. The Executive Director will be responsible for planning and promoting the strategic direction and development of the Center and its array of academic and professional training opportunities, workforce development activities, outreach programs, and conferencing services. The Executive Director will oversee and direct all USMH's administrative operations in close collaboration with the System, partnering with four-year USM institutions, local community colleges, school districts, and regional businesses, government agencies, and stakeholder groups. The Executive Director will represent USMH to local, state, national, and international officials; advocate on the Center's behalf within the University System and with state officials in Annapolis; and oversee fundraising and advancement activities on behalf of USMH. The Director will ensure coordination with key internal and external components of the Center, including its Board of Advisors.

The Executive Director reports to the Chancellor of the USM or designee(s) with a secondary reporting line for administrative purposes to the President of Frostburg State University, the administrative campus for USMH.


USMH opened in January 2005 with three universities offering seven undergraduate and five graduate programs. USMH has added undergraduate and graduate programs over the years, most recently hospitality and tourism management, community health, and physician assistant studies. USMH currently offers over 20 degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels from five USM institutions:
  • Frostburg State University (FSU)
  • Salisbury University (SU)
  • Towson University (TU)
  • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES)
  • University of Maryland, Global Campus (UMGC)
USMH is helping to raise the college degree attainment rate in western Maryland and supply a skilled workforce for employers in the region. By offering primarily upper-level undergrad courses, USMH complements the efforts of local community colleges.

USMH is located in a renovated historic building in downtown Hagerstown. Combining modern with old world design, the current building is an architectural feat. With its majestic five-story windows and its open floor plan, the modern addition is visually astounding, and the original sections have been restored with historical accuracy and grandeur. The USMH center is an architectural achievement in downtown Hagerstown. The Center's 77,000 square feet houses 44 offices, 22 classrooms, four interactive video network (IVN) classrooms, six computer labs, two nursing labs and a library/media center.

Students apply directly to the university offering their chosen major and, while the professors, curriculum, and degree are provided by the partner institution, students at the USMH campus benefit from small class sizes, special scholarship opportunities, and an array of customized on-site services and student life programming-leading to a more personalized, cost-effective, and time-saving path to degree completion.

One of USMH's strategic imperatives is to reflect and support the economic development of Washington County and the surrounding region. The larger "National Capital Region," which includes Washington and Frederick Counties, will experience unprecedented growth and an increased need for trained scientists, research support staff, and other highly skilled knowledge workers in the coming decade. Thus, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical sciences (STEMM)-related industries are and will continue to be an increasingly critical component of the workforce needs of the greater region, served by an ever-expanding diversity of programs at USMH.

USMH has brought programs to meet student interest and workforce demand of the region. USMH is supplying many teachers and administrators to both Washington County Public Schools and Frederick County Public Schools. In addition, USMH has been growing its health sciences program to meet healthcare demands by educating nurses, physician assistance, and mental healthcare providers. There are opportunities to expand the educational partnership with Meritus Health in Hagerstown. USMH serves full- and part-time student populations by offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Data show that four-year graduation rates for students who follow the pathway from Maryland community colleges through USMH are 20% higher than for community college students who transfer directly to the home campus of USM institutions. Based on the FY2015 cohort reported by USM in March 2019, the data showed those students who transferred to USMH from a community college had a four-year graduation rate of 75%.

Description of Ongoing/New Duties


The Executive Director is responsible for leading, developing, and implementing a collective vision for USMH that aligns with the workforce and educational needs of Washington County and Western Maryland. The director will be responsible for developing and ensuring that USMH's vision is linked to the USM Strategic Plan; leading the effective operation of USMH and driving successful programmatic outcomes; and, working to ensure that the students who attend the programs offered at USMH succeed, graduate, and are ready for careers and future academic pursuits. The Executive Director serves as the Chief Academic Program Officer at USMH and works closely with the leadership of its partner institutions to identify the academic needs of the region facilitate the creation of the requisite programs, and support successful programmatic outcomes for each of the current partners:
  • Frostburg State University (FSU)
  • Salisbury University (SU)
  • Towson University (TU)
  • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES)
  • University of Maryland, Global Campus (UMGC)
The Executive Director works closely with these academic partners and the local community through USMH's Board of Advisors, which supports USMH's mission and vision. It includes representatives from the employer community, legislators, and county and educational leaders. Its principal responsibility is to represent and inform USMH leadership on broad community interests and to ensure that student, business, local and state government, and higher education needs are addressed.


Sustain and strengthen relationships between and among the University System of Maryland, USMH's academic partners, and Washington County and Western Maryland

USMH represents a unique model of education delivery and external partnership in public higher education, and the Executive Director is a conduit between the direct needs of the broader Washington County community and the academic, pedagogical, and scholarly expertise of its partner institutions. In this capacity, the Executive Director plays the critical role in encouraging and streamlining communication across the public and private sectors in the county and with USM and its representative institutions, undergirding the mission of serving the state of Maryland and its citizens where they are and positively contributing to their socioeconomic opportunity and upward mobility. The Executive Director will place special emphasis on strengthening relations with academic partners to marshal resources and garner support for USMH's continued operations and impact.

Expand enrollment and facilitate thoughtful programmatic growth

USMH plans to expand existing onsite programs and bring new degree programs over the next several years. These programs will be identified in consultation with the USMH Board of Advisors, employer groups, through regional analyses of projected workforce needs, and in close collaboration with its academic partners. With increased support and an expansive mandate from the System, as well as the full backing of Washington County's business community, the Executive Director will engage all the resources of USMH in working with the academic partners to craft responsive, effective, and efficient systems to identify, attract, and support new students, not only through innovative programs but through increased student support activities and services and aggressive outreach and marketing.

Strengthen career and internship opportunities

A critical measure of USMH success in supporting regional workforce needs is the preparation of work-ready graduates who exceed the expectations of regional employers. These skill sets-including working in inter-professional teams, problem solving and "thinking out of the box," communication, and entrepreneurship-have been identified by employer stakeholders and others as critical to success in a global, talent-competitive workplace. Working closely with USMH's Board of Advisors, regional employer groups, and academic partners, the Executive Director will place special emphasis on interdisciplinary coursework and learning and expanding internship and experiential learning opportunities across all curricula, building upon existing career-readiness programming for all levels of students.

Steward and grow the critical resources of USMH-both material and human-in a thoughtful, efficient, and effective manner to ensure the long-term sustainability and strength of the enterprise

The Executive Director will work with USM, its academic partners, the legislature, and the community to identify and marshal resources to facilitate USMH's growth and ensure that these resources are allocated wisely and efficiently and that the growth of the Center proceeds apace and in keeping with the ideals of the System and its constituent communities. As the Center expands physically, and as its activities grow in complexity, the Executive Director will seek new resources through philanthropic fundraising and community engagement to extend the Center's reach and support student services, facilities, and human resources. The Executive Director will rely upon a dedicated staff and will seek ways to retain them and further their personal and professional growth.

Minimum Qualifications


While no single candidate may possess, in full, every useful experience, the search committee ideally seeks a person with the following qualifications:
  • A master's degree and at least four years of significant administrative experience in higher education is required. A terminal degree is preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience in a collaborative higher education environment, with budgeting, team-building, and management skills and the ability to lead and synthesize different points of view into a strategic vision and operational plan.
  • A deep, demonstrated understanding of-and commitment to-the values and the mission of public higher education and that of USMH, focusing on the needs and success for all students and the community and region;
  • Aptitude and experience interfacing with industry and building and navigating public/private partnerships spanning education and workforce-related issues and opportunities;
  • A demonstrated understanding of the importance of innovative pedagogy and external economic engagement and impact coupled with a commitment to the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders;
  • A commitment to the highest ethical standards, with personal and professional integrity above reproach;
  • A collaborative, transparent, and inclusive leadership style and the ability to reach and connect with a diverse array of audiences;
  • An abiding interest in the success, safety, and support of students from all backgrounds and a demonstrated commitment to their development and growth;
  • A record of impact on creating a more diverse, equitable, and welcoming community; multi-cultural competence and a demonstrated awareness of, and sensitivity to, all people and the ability to foster and create a supportive climate for faculty, staff, and students;
  • Political acumen, and a willingness and desire to engage with public and civic leadership at all levels; experience fostering successful town-gown relations and partnering with local and community leaders toward long-term goals and development;
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills and effective use of the broad range of media;
  • An understanding of the critical and disruptive academic, political, and business forces facing higher education and the ability to implement successful strategies to address them;
  • Proven success and appetite for fundraising; the ability to represent USMH to a wide range of constituents;
  • Demonstrated capability in inspiring and persuading diverse stakeholders to buy into the articulated vision and become partners in driving the enterprise forward.
EEO Statement

Frostburg State University welcomes and encourages women, veterans and minorities to apply and seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. FSU is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Appropriate auxiliary aids and services for qualified individuals with disability will be provided upon request. Please notify us in advance. WWW.FROSTBURG.EDU
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