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Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Practice

Belmont University
Job Location:
Nashville, Tennessee
Teacher Education
Primary Duties and

The Director of Clinical Practice in the College of Education will coordinate and support all areas of clinical practice for aspiring teachers and leaders within our educator preparation programs, serve as a tenure-track faculty member, manage and support the edTPA process for aspiring educators, and undertake other duties as assigned by the Dean. This is a 10-month faculty appointment with an additional stipend (5% of base salary) for critical summer workload.

Faculty Member Responsibilities
As a tenure-track faculty member, the Director of Clinical Practice will undertake appropriate teaching, scholarship, and service as defined in the Belmont University Faculty Handbook and in consultation with the Dean. The Director will be assigned 12 hours of teaching load during the academic year in addition to the required administrative workload. Additional teaching load may be required in the summer at the discretion of the Dean and with appropriate additional compensation. Other appropriate duties may be required as assigned by the Dean.

Clinical Practice Responsibilities:
  • Serve as the point of contact for local school and community administrators, teachers, faculty, staff, and students for the clinical practice courses and experiences.
  • Solicit and coordinate clinical practice placements for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Secure placements for students in all Clinical Practice Teacher Education Program courses including student teaching and internship.
  • Match students' requirements, preferences, and availability with actual opportunities in surrounding schools and community sites.
  • Recruit, train, and supervise mentors for graduate and undergraduate teacher candidates.
  • Recruit, train, and supervisor supervisors for graduate and undergraduate teacher candidates.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with school districts for placement of teacher candidates.
  • Oversee, observe, and evaluate field experiences of graduate and undergraduate teacher candidates.
  • Ensure student placements meet all requirements of TDOE/CAEP standards and address discrepancies/issues working in close collaboration with candidates, schools, districts, faculty, supervisors, and mentor teachers.
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and manage the practicum placement process for all College of Education courses, during the academic year.
  • Ensure clear expectations, a detailed policy, and strong communication are in place to support effectiveness and excellence in the practicum experience.
  • Create systems to organize, facilitate and track the practicum placement process.
  • Collect and analyze student program data to monitor student progress and program effectiveness.
  • Make data-based program and curriculum decisions to ensure quality and compliance for CAEP and TN State Board of Education accreditation standards.
  • Assist in recruiting for graduate and undergraduate programs.
  • Student advisor for graduate interns.
  • Student advisor for student teachers during final semester.Course Instructor to undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Education, which would typically include teaching:
    o EDU 4303/ 5413 Student Teaching in Secondary Schools
    o EDU 4404 /5411 Student Teaching in Elementary Grades
    o EDU 4110/ 5210 Reflective Teaching
  • Actively engage in outreach to sustain and develop new partnerships opportunities for clinical practice opportunities that reflect student and faculty course goals.
  • Conduct pre-placement meetings and orientations for students and teachers during summer, fall, and spring semesters.
  • Facilitate and participate in the evaluation of student participation, performance and work relating to field placements.
  • Maintain regular contact with supervisors of field experiences and trouble-shooting administrative and/or placement issues with students and faculty.
  • Maintain student fieldwork and academic files and records associated with fieldwork.
  • Maintain a database for tracking placements, including school sites, supervisors and mentor teachers; ensuring diverse experiences and ensuring that candidates meet number of required hours.
  • Initiate, track, review, and monitor status of placements and all associated paperwork.
  • Participate in ongoing analysis of clinical practice and procedures.
  • Work with Dean and department faculty to ensure accuracy in program handbooks on an annual basis and assist with revisions and updates.
  • Coordinate Frontloading Workshop for incoming graduate students.
  • Other appropriate duties as assigned by the Dean

    edTPA Coordinator Responsibilities: Provide support in assessment alignment to prepare candidates for the edTPA certification requirement in the following ways:
  • Serving candidates and providing preparation workshops.
  • Providing a strong edTPA mentoring environment to candidates and faculty/staff.
  • Access and distribute edTPA resources (handbooks, online resources, templates) to colleagues, candidates and supervisors as needed.
  • Work with state edTPA coordinator to ensure current practices are implemented.
  • Remain current on national and state changes/updates to the edTPA process.
  • Attend edTPA-related conferences.Collaborate with edTPA Coordinators on both a State and National Level.
  • Monitor the score reporting and key assessment performance data for program improvement and accreditation related reporting.
  • Serve as the key edTPA contact person for candidates and all other stakeholders in ensuring development and completion of the EdTPA.
  • Serve as the key contact with TDOE and Pearson for all communication, updates, score release and testing policy decisions.
  • Create and enforce policies regarding edTPA submission, resubmission and score release.
  • Develop a timeline, communication structure and strategic plan for implementation of edTPA with each cohort.
  • Represent the University on various local, state and national committees related to the implementation and monitoring of edTPA.
  • Provide support for faculty as they work to incorporate edTPA activities into their courses.
  • Develop and provide on-going professional development for faculty, supervisors and other education professionals supporting edTPA Activities.
  • Speak to candidates in classes as requested to inform candidates about edTPA and provide on-going support for candidates.
  • Interface with the licensing coordinator about edTPA scores and results for licensure.
  • Create and share reports and data analysis with faculty, departments and other stakeholders.
  • Attend department meetings to update faculty on edTPA and answer questions.
  • Inform key personnel of changes in the edTPA assessment and resources.
  • Inform teacher candidates of edTPA requirements.
  • Create and implement all training for each task of edTPA.
  • Create materials and presents seminars, workshops and help sessions.
  • Support teacher candidates with Key Assessment platforms: EdThena and/or Pearson registration, portfolio management and uploading edTPA components to appropriate program platform(s).
  • Work with faculty to monitor and troubleshoot teacher candidate submission of key assessments including EdTPA as needed.
  • Assist and support candidates regarding any and all consent forms required Archive information from previous edTPA results, and record data from future submissions for program improvement analysis and accreditation reporting.
  • Develop and oversee remediation process. This includes individual meetings with each candidate to review scores, individual tutoring sessions and individual resubmission.
  • Conduct an orientation each academic year or semester (by program) to introduce candidates to the expectations and requirements of edTPA.
  • Communicate with all candidates about edTPA information in a timely and clear manner, coordinating and responding to ongoing edTPA related issues and concerns.
  • Provide candidate support for edTPA by developing a support structure to assist candidates with edTPA submission.
  • Coordinate and implement help sessions during the semester for all program areas. Technological Support Serve as a liaison between Belmont and Pearson.
  • Provide support for EdThena video recording and submission in coordination with faculty Assessment Support Use the Pearson scores and analyses to conduct conversations with departments and stakeholders for program improvement.
  • Work with appropriate university personnel to include edTPA data as part of a multiple measure assessment system.
  • Work with School District and Supervisors to communicate requirements for obtaining video permissions and provide resources for video recording.
  • Other appropriate duties as assigned by the Dean.
Required Qualifications :Belmont University seeks to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff that share the University's values and will contribute to its mission and vision to be a leader among teaching universities bringing together the best of liberal arts and professional education in a Christ-centered community of learning and service.

Required Education Earned doctorate

Required Experience At least 3-5 years successful experience in the field of education, with a preference for experience in both PreK-12 and higher education settings.
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