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Tacoma Community College
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Tacoma, Washington
IT Support and Training
Priority Consideration Date: June 5th, 2022

This posting is for two positions: Guided Pathways Technology Specialist and Academic Administration Specialist

Who we are (TCC)
Located in the scenic Puget Sound area with Mount Tahoma (Rainier) in the distance, Tacoma is the third largest city in Washington State with a thriving and diverse community of over 200,000 residents. Tacoma Community College (TCC) sits on the ancestral territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, specifically the Puyallup. The 1854 Medicine Creek Treaty forcibly removed them to the Puyallup Reservation to make way for settlers; we recognize the privilege of utilizing this land has come at great cost. We honor the resilience of the Puyallup people, who still live here, defend their rights, and contribute greatly to the well-being of this community. TCC aims to increase partnerships and community ties with the Puyallup and other local Tribes, while also increasing Native visibility on our campus and in our curricula.

TCC stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We are working to strengthen our collaboration with the Black community by partnering with entities such as the Tacoma-Pierce County Black Collective, the Tacoma Urban League, and local Black-owned business. We have a vibrant Black Student Union, employee affinity groups, and are conducting ongoing curricular review to ensure that we are infusing and incorporating into our curriculum more educational content focused on the lives, experiences, and contributions of the Black community. We are continually working to eliminate institutional racism from our policies and practices, and recognize that we have much more work to do.

Tacoma Community College is a public institution that serves a diverse population of approximately 12,000 students. Our students reflect the diversity of our community: 27% of our students are students of color, 60% are female, and the median age is 26. We embrace our identify as a community college. Our Mission Statement says, "As the community's college, we create meaningful learning, advance equity, and strengthen student and community success." Our faculty and staff are engaged in innovative work to improve student retention and program completion.

To grow our workforce, we seek to recruit staff who:
  • Are committed to equitably educating a racially and socioeconomically diverse student population
  • Embody our institutional values of Community; Responsibility; Integrity; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Agility; and Excellence
  • Value intellectual curiosity and innovation
  • Support the campus mission of promoting equitable access to educational opportunities
  • Care about student success and will collaborate on strategies to increase success for historically underserved and underrepresented populations
  • Welcome difference and model respectful interaction with others, and
  • Engage with the community both within and outside of TCC
Guided Pathways Technology Specialist
This position provides functional-technical support for Guided Pathways technology, focusing on support of software critical to Guided Pathways Essential Practices. Core responsibilities include software management and coordination of training; monitoring for efficiency and duplication of efforts over multiple platforms; tracking of data integrity; query building; participation in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts and TCC's work towards becoming an anti-racist institution. This position is key to institution wide implementation, training and consistency in usage of technology that supports student retention and success. This position reports to the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Academic Administration Specialist

The Academic Administration Specialist is responsible for overseeing and coordinating TCC curriculum management and academic scheduling, as well as some academic compliance. The Academic Administration Specialist collaborates with academic Deans and administrators to develop procedures and processes for class building, and catalog and curriculum maintenance; oversees alignment of course scheduling strategy with guided pathways and essential practices; participates in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts and TCC's work towards becoming an anti-racist institution. This position is key to the establishment of cross-divisional academic administrative practices and standard operating procedures.

Guided Pathways Technology Specialist:
  • Provide technical support to staff, faculty, and students on software programs integral to Guided Pathways (such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Civitas, ctcLink, OnBase, databases) to include implementation and maintenance.
  • Perform daily system monitoring, monitor for accuracy of data, and perform updates/imports as necessary.
  • Maintain user roles and profiles.
  • Review and ensure that multiple pieces of technology are working together, creating efficiencies instead of duplication of actions.
  • Identify and recommend process improvements and technological solutions to meet the operational needs and goals of the college and the Guided Pathways Essential Practices
  • Provide technical software problem resolution to staff/faculty. Troubleshoot, diagnose, and guide users through step-by-step solutions.
  • Coordinate, facilitate and customize training on related software programs to maximize software usage and create efficiencies.
  • Act as a subject matter expert during training and implementation phases. Relay information to college staff in both formal and informal settings.
  • Conduct ongoing analysis when problems occur and provide or implement a solution. Identify new business process within the system to create more efficient workflows for the college.
  • Build and use PeopleSoft queries and other data analysis tools to pull and share requested data to staff, faculty, and students.
  • Build, manage and analyze ctcLink data for data errors and work with staff/faculty and/or the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges to update and correct data.
  • Coordinate and support updates to web-based materials.
  • Provide technical support for Guided Pathways assessment activities.
  • Supervise, train, and mentor and manage work schedules for part-time and work-study
  • Perform related duties as assigned.
Academic Administration Specialist:
  • Collaborate with academic deans, Enrollment Services, instructional staff and faculty department chairs to coordinate and assist with course scheduling and catalog processes
  • Collaborate with Curriculum Committee Chair to ensure accurate and complete submissions to the curriculum committee and Provost
  • Monitor the approval process for new courses, programs, certificates and degrees with appropriate parties, including faculty, deans, and committees;
  • Maintain all curricular documents for the Curriculum Committee within the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Ensure accurate input of all new, revised, and inactivated courses, certificates, and degrees into instruction databases, and assist with error correction
  • Ensure accuracy of all course listings by auditing all course information;
  • Coordinate with Enrollment Services to ensure accurate maintenance of ctcLink catalog, AARs, planstacks, sub-plans, and other academic affairs related information
  • Maintain catalog timelines and deadlines and communicate with stakeholders
  • Maintain shared access to catalog procedures and information
  • Track all changes to programs and courses for the yearly catalog and ensure the information is updated in the master database and digital program maps within CurrIQnet (TCC's curriculum and catalog management software) as well as update all catalog changes in ctcLink, the college's PeopleSoft data management system
  • Troubleshoot, identify, and resolve problems and issues related to production of the catalog and schedule of classes. Confer with administrators, information systems personnel, faculty, and other staff to develop solutions and recommendations;
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings to remain informed, serve as a resource, and provide technical expertise to faculty, staff, and administrators;
  • Monitor course and program requirements to perform complex course module construction within ctcLink
  • Monitor program inventory, and assist in communication with the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges regarding program updates;
  • Serve as primary internal contact for academic scheduling
  • Coordinate complex, cross-departmental scheduling or enrollment issues and work to facilitate resolution for staff and departments within established guidelines;
  • Assist faculty and academic deans in identifying high impact course combinations to assist in course scheduling.
  • Ensure schedules are consistent and predictable, and are organized in a way that makes it possible for a full-time student to complete a two-year degree in two years, both online and on each campus of TCC;
  • Coordinate with academic divisions to ensure that students have access to block scheduling, hyflex courses, and other flex schedule models;
  • Lead effort to develop and maintain a two-year academic schedule;
  • Ensure campus partners are notified of curricular changes to ensure approval and compliance with various funding sources.
  • Maintain NC-SARA compliance and participation, including annual renewal process
  • Track program-level accreditation cycle and requirements, including professional-technical faculty certifications;
  • Track articulation agreements and academic MOUs;
  • Perform related duties as assigned.
Duties of these positions require the following knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Commitment to the TCC mission and values
  • Commitment to removing barriers to education, including a commitment to accessible education
  • Commitment to understanding and responding to the broad-ranging needs of a racially and socioeconomically diverse student population
  • Demonstrated socioeconomic, racial, and cultural self-awareness and responsiveness
  • Ability to make data-informed decisions using quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ability to problem-solve creatively, thinking outside the box or even throwing away the box
  • Ability to take an institutional perspective, understanding college-wide processes and identifying areas for efficiency improvements
  • Commitment to practicing and operationalizing continuous improvement
  • Ability to keep cool under pressure, adjust and adapt your approach as the situation demands, and maintain effective and productive working relationships
  • Intermediate database, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation skills (Microsoft Office preferred, pivot tables essential)
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills and an ability to communicate technically complex information to non-expert audiences
  • Excellent organizational, prioritization, and project management skills
  • Intellectual curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning
Required education and experience:
A combination of education and relevant work experience as described in the next three bullets, as follows:
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university AND two (2) years' experience
  • Associate degree from an accredited college or university AND four (4) years' experience
  • High School diploma or equivalent AND six (6) experience
  • In addition:
    • Minimum two years' experience with PeopleSoft (e.g., ctcLink, myWSU) Campus Solutions pillar, particularly curriculum management, records and enrollment, academic advisement, and reporting tools
    • Experience in an analytical and/or technical role using institutional/enterprise information systems
Conditions of Employment
  • Successful completion of a criminal history background check.
  • Proof of completed COVID-19 Vaccination is required upon hiring and employment at TCC.
  • Must have reliable transportation to go to community meetings and events.
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