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Director of Student Care and Education

International Junior Golf Academy
Job Location:
Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida
Residence Life and Housing

Overall IJGA 20%

  • Work with IJGA Management Group to review strategy and develop strategic initiatives, operations, policies and objectives.
  • Create measurable performance targets for Student Care and Education
  • Be responsible for the IJGA(BG) Student Handbook and respective sections of the IJGA(BG) Policies and Procedure Manual
  • Supervise Director of Education in their responsibilities, providing support and cover
  • Supervise Director of Student Care Operations (Catering, Housekeeping, Transport) in their responsibilities, providing support and cover
  • Manage budgets for Student Care and Education, including Housing / Maintenance

Students 20%

  • Work with recruiters /admissions team in the enrollment process, to prepare for “onboarding”, establishing communication with students and parents prior to the start of the semester
  • Most importantly prepare a draft “Know Your Client” which is a dynamic document
  • For returning and new students use knowledge and judgement to make housing allocation
  • Work with golf to provide knowledge for their placement of student in appropriate POD
  • Oversee the start semester student orientations, working with College Placement, to gain insight into student Goals and Aspirations and Personality, all necessary to provide optimal planning and care
  • Tour prospective student and/or parents in Housing and Education Center, providing insights into Character / Leadership development and academic support provided (through tutoring, study hall, homework support)
  • Assist in marketing IJGA(BG) as needed
  • Conduct regular individual meetings with all students to ensure they have individual goals, accountability in the process of achieving stated goals, academic review, golf performance, character development and college prospecting
  • Chair Student Referral Meetings (one POD per week)

Communication with Family 10%

  • Point person for parent / agent communication on Student Life and Education issues
  • Oversee the Student Semester “photo-journal” report
  • Oversee monthly “report card” for parents of students. This report card may include:
    • Academic Performance
    • Update on academic standardize testing dates or results (ACT, SAT etc.)
    • Golf Skill Development Assessment (if this is currently monitored at IJGA)
    • Fitness and Strength development
    • MAP development – insight from coaches and staff leadership
    • Tournament summary if applicable
    • College prospects, update from college coaches if applicable

Character / Leadership Development 20%

  • Lead the Captain Leadership program and STAR student council meetings, including training of Captains in their Habitudes presentations
  • Arrange for Captains to take on various responsibilities, with rotation of duties managed through STAR and HOUSE Captains
  • Lead / Assist the “Habitudes” Character program and manage program for other sessions
  • Lead monthly report writing to parents, as part of Character program

Director of Residential Instructors 30%

  • Manage the RI team, delegating SoR’s, and holding RI’s accountable
  • Train the RI’s in how to use Captains effectively
  • Work with Director of Student Care Operations in providing RI staff to help with operation responsibilities
  • Train RI’s to promote the IJGA core values and demonstrate highest behavior standards, being an integral part of the Character development (through Habitudes program)
  • Oversee the hiring, training and supervision of RI’s that have a passion for parenting, an educational background or an appreciation for the game of golf, or ideally multiple
  • Work with Director of Education to ensure tutoring needs are met, including ESL club, either by full-time tutors, qualified Educator RI’s or student peer tutors
  • Work with Director of Education to ensure proper coverage and resources for effective Study Hall and manage RI supervision of student homework Quiet Study Time
  • Chair the Discipline Committee, administering Yellow / Red cards and consequences
  • Act as Counsellor to students as required, dealing with complex issues and communicating with parents
  • Chair Student Care Meetings (monthly)
  • Chair IJGA(BG) Operations Meetings (weekly) with Golf, RI’s, Recruitment, Operations
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