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VP Enroll Mgt Student Affrs

Illinois Institute of Technology
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Chicago, Illinois
Student Affairs and Services
Requisition #: S00983P

FLSA: Exempt

Location: IIT-Mies Campus (MC), 10 West 35th St., Chicago

Department: President's Office


The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (VP-EMSA) for Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) reports to the president and is the chief enrollment officer and thought leader responsible for the executive leadership, strategic planning, and administrative oversight for all operations and support functions associated with the program marketing, recruitment, retention, engagement, and success of students. The VP-EMSA supports the university's mission & goals and oversees organization-wide planning in alignment with Illinois Tech's mission and strategic plan. This individual will do so while exhibiting superior leadership qualities and actions that enable and support a culture of service excellence among departments and cross-department teams, with special emphasis on the values of knowledge, teamwork, accountability, and quality. The VP-EMSA will contribute to a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and innovation with a highly collaborative, team-building approach. Diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and innovation are top priorities at Illinois Tech

The VP-EMSA actively leads and contributes to the overall success of institution-wide planning with a strong emphasis on student enrollment, diversity, student learning, retention, student experience, student leadership, experiential learning, achievement, and student satisfaction. This role will lead the division to create a safe and welcoming campus culture that fosters a rich and holistic student learning experience and promotes a student-centered multicultural, globally diverse environment with quality, passion, integrity, and inclusiveness. In partnership with university leadership, college deans, academics, and functional departments, the VP-EMSA will evolve a student-centered global institution that excels in student experience and service and fosters affinity and lifelong learning. The VP-EMSA will also be responsible for advancing both near and long-term institutional goals to support strategic goals related to program marketing, recruitment, enrollment, student affairs, student service, retention, and policy formulation at IIT.

The VP-EMSA plays key roles in institutional planning and positioning, forging community partnerships, and advancing Illinois Tech's presence in the region, state, nation, and around the globe. The VP-EMSA will lead an aggressive, innovative, and forward-looking operation with calculated risks and integrated best practices to build the strongest possible current and future, long-range enrollment landscape. The VP-EMSA will lead an enrollment team that proactively and strategically anticipates, evolves, and responds to enrollment challenges and is forward-looking, opportunistic, and results-oriented.

The VP-EMSA will oversee functional areas responsible for domestic and international undergraduate and graduate admissions, campus and student life, student services and success including international services, health & wellness, career services, financial aid and the registrar. The VP-EMSA is responsible for managing equity and retention, and this role will continuously review, implement, improve, and enhance policies, procedures, and program-specific services to evolve Illinois Tech as a student service-centric institution.

The VP-EMSA will work collaboratively to build partnerships with university leaders, academic affairs, faculty senate, functional staff, student government, student associations, alumni associations, and the Bronzeville community to optimize student experience and success.

As a senior member of the university's leadership team, the VP-EMSA will serve as a public face and key spokesperson for the university. The VP-EMSA will report to the university president, serve in the president's cabinet and collaborate productively with all members of Illinois Tech's executive leadership team to drive the university's strategic initiatives. The VP-EMSA will collaborate with the provost, other senior leaders, and academic deans to develop educational programs and co-curricular initiatives to advance the goals, mission, program marketing strategies, enrollment growth priorities, and best practices in student recruitment. This work will include the development of market-oriented life-long learning infrastructure and programs as well as the establishment of an expanded global footprint for Illinois Tech.

Special Schedule Requirements


EEOC Statement

Illinois Institute of Technology is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA/ADEA employer committed to enhancing equity, inclusion and diversity within its community. It actively seeks applications from all individuals regardless of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, creed, national origin, disability, age, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity and expression. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment.

Education & Experience

Master's degree in higher education with leadership in enrollment management, student affairs, student services, global affairs, or a related field.

Knowledge & Skills

Minimum Qualifications Required
  • Master's degree in higher education or related/comparable field.
  • At least 10 years of progressive executive leadership experience with at least 5 years at a university or education institution overseeing enrollment management, student affairs, student services for traditional and lifelong learners.
  • Operated in key leadership roles, hired, coached, and managed multicultural leadership teams with a proven understanding of the dynamics of a complex and culturally diverse university community.
  • Experience leading global affairs, international student services, study abroad, international marketing, recruitment, and partnerships.
  • Demonstrated experience operating successfully in a matrix organization collaborating with the academic and university leaders on student success and retention.
  • Energetic, focused, oriented toward student success and student well-being
  • Proven track record of successful strategic planning, budgeting, student information systems, innovative approaches to optimizing resources to meet institutional goals, and a standard of excellence of service delivery.
  • Ability to work effectively within a shared decision-making environment, an in-depth understanding of the institution's mission, and a commitment to student service required.
  • Experience working with a diverse workforce includes cross-cultural knowledge, the ability to effectively relate to individuals from varied backgrounds, ethnicity, and cultures, and experience working with others with various levels of cultural awareness and communication proficiency.
Ideal Attributes & Experiences
  • Strong work ethic, entrepreneurial, energetic, and student-focused with interpersonal skills and demonstrated creative and analytical abilities.
  • A bold, innovative, and strategic thinker who is open and dedicated to institutional and cultural change
  • Experience and knowledge with implementing high-impact student life and development practices. Intellectually curious to understand and actively engage with students and their needs with a commitment to engage university-wide.
  • Strong expertise in data-informed decision-making, focusing on best practices in enrollment management and leading-edge practices in student experience, retention, and success.
  • A proponent to the evolution of best practices, programs, and policies that promote diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice while defining institutional ethos, unique institutional collaboration, and healthy campus culture.
List any certifications or licenses that are either required or helpful in performing the job, designating whether required or preferred.


Key Responsibility

University Leadership
  • Serve in the President's cabinet and collaborate productively and effectively with other executive Illinois Tech leaders
  • Serve as a thought-partner by providing expertise on strategies for growth, enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, recruitment, retention, student affairs, student services, and international affairs.
  • Collaboratively establish and manage long range, strategic planning with the president, executive leadership team, and the university board.
  • Collaborate with the provost, other senior leaders and academic deans to develop educational programs, co-curricular initiatives, and market-oriented life-long l earning infrastructure and programs to advance the goals, mission, program marketing strategies, enrollment growth priorities, and best practices in student recruitment.
  • Provide strategic and inspirational leadership for all staff and appointed faculty responsible for domestic and international undergraduate and graduate admissions, campus and student life, enrollment and other student services and success, health & wellness, career services, financial aid and other related functions.
  • Actively contribute to developing effective internal and external strategies to enhance program marketing, recruitment, retention, and brand recognition regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Oversee program marketing to evolve Illinois Tech's Brand Value and presence nationally and internationally with college counselors, institutional partners, parents, communities, government, industry partners, and beyond.
  • Understand student needs, analyze student activity, survey/feedback data to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of services, and identify emerging trends in higher education to guide institutional planning.
  • Plan and implement on-going systematic evaluation, with a focus on continuous improvement, for all assigned departments and current initiatives related to enrollment management and student affairs.
  • Research, evaluate, recommend, develop, and administer policies, procedures, best practices, and technology applications to facilitate the university's goals and ensure effectiveness and compliance.
  • Actively participate in university committees, system audits, accreditation processes, and other University-wide evaluation processes.
  • Establish and evolve policies and procedures to attain student success and achieve recruitment, enrollment, and retention initiatives based on short- and long-term goals.
Percentage Of Time

Key Responsibility

Strategic Enrollment Management & Planning
  • Oversee and direct the development, operation, and enhancement of the enrollment management department & infrastructure, including program marketing pre-college program, undergraduate admissions, graduate and professional admissions, international recruitment, financial aid, and enrollment analytics that support pre-enrollment and post-enrollment lifecycle of students at Illinois Tech, including people, process, and technology.
  • Oversee the development of a long-term strategic enrollment management plan and ensure the plan's goals are achieved as per the established LRP.
  • Collaborate closely with senior leadership teams to establish transparent recruitment and student service goals for Domestic and International students.
  • Oversee overall pre-enrollment experience from first contact to enrollment/arrival on campus for U.G, Grad including Ph. D and Life-long learners.
  • Evolve and oversee the undergraduate and graduate online international enrollment program marketing and recruitment strategy for recruitment of a globally diverse class
  • Establish and oversee the enrollment goal-setting process in collaboration with the colleges and campus to meet enrollment and tuition revenue goals.
  • Work with internal and external data sources (e,g, IPEDs, etc.) to establish data-driven predictive modeling in student recruitment, financial aid, and retention.
  • Oversee enrollment funnel management from lead to enrollment, including nurture communication plan, admissions, financial aid, and application processing unit oversight
  • Strategically develop, plan, execute, and continuously assess an enrollment plan for each entering class, including a student retention plan that monitors and impacts graduation/outcomes rates; evaluate and redirect resources appropriately and (as needed) to meet the recruitment and retention goals.
  • Use data-driven metrics and analyses from enrollment and student affairs units through planning and active management; develop a culture of clean, reliable data available at predictable intervals; construct key performance indicators and metrics for decision-making.
  • Evolve and oversee enrollment web infrastructure, program marketing automation tools, customer data platform, Salesforce CRM, Omni-channel communication infrastructure to support the overall student funnel management starting from leads, prospects, applicants through matriculation.
Percentage Of Time

Key Responsibility

Student Affairs and Student Services Leadership and Management
  • Provide vision, innovation and advocacy to empower the professional staff to provide the best possible student services support.
  • Lead efforts to invigorate a sense of university-wide community belonging and engagement for students.
  • Recommend university policy enhancements to execute measurable goals defined in enrollment and retention plans successfully.
  • Provide the vision and direction for creating and maintaining an overall campus culture where students can live, learn, and succeed.
  • Foster an environment for students to participate in opportunities such as leadership learning, social and educational programming, clubs, activities, community responsibility, and self-governance.
  • Works collaboratively with the university community to improve student affairs and student services' quality, effectiveness, and efficiency. Oversee and enhance student experience from orientation to graduation ceremony
  • Create a multicultural student life multi-faced program that serves the needs of all students while strengthening focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a sense of belonging for all students.
  • Promote developmental models in student affairs by providing multiple opportunities for students to participate in broad-based programming. Oversee effective management of student organizations, student governance, service learning, leadership development, service opportunities, dispute resolution, and advocacy on behalf of student needs and interests.
  • Enable and evolve "One-Stop" customer service center for enhancing the student experience.
  • Discuss strategies and results with various constituents; spearhead new initiatives to strengthen student experience and success by identifying and implementing enhanced policies and protocols for student success and connecting students' academic interests with experiential learning and career outcomes.
  • Represent the university at student and parent events and serve as a mentor for student leaders and advocate for all students.
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Key Responsibility

International Affairs
  • Oversee the Office of International Affairs, Study Aboard & International Programs including China Program, India Office, and Paris Center.
  • Develop new institutional partnerships globally to support enrollment growth and internationalization of the campus.
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Key Responsibility

People and Budget Management
  • Lead, motivate, and engage employees, actively encourage a collegial and developmental team culture with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Provide leadership, supervision, evaluation, and professional development for administrative and support staff in the EMSA division.
  • Lead and guide employees through training and organization development efforts to acquire new skills, knowledge, and abilities to enhance their work and development. Carefully plan, organize, assign and delegate resources and activities, measure results to achieve the university's overall strategic goals.
  • Provide oversight and technical expertise to leadership, staff, faculty, administrators, and others concerning departmental operations and activities.
  • Through the annual staff performance review process, provide effective and inspiring performance review experience that includes measurable goals, clear expectations, solid direction, immediate feedback, recognition, and coaching to ensure high performance, professional growth, and professional development opportunities aligned with the organization's goals and monitoring key performance indicators.
  • Oversee and manage change by providing the required structure and transparent environment-coach employee/team through changes that impact their day-to-day work, including navigating through new and enhanced business processes and resolving issues.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate services through benchmarking and regular surveys on services, establish policy and procedures related to effective service to an international constituency.
  • Oversee management of operating budgets, personnel and budgets, and overall finances for enrollment management, program marketing, recruitment, financial aid, student affairs, student services & global affairs.
  • Oversee annual budget and enrollment goal planning for the division, monitor and analyze operations, facilities, programs, and activities to determine educational and financial effectiveness and operational efficiency.
  • Oversee the budget allocation process to ensure equity and judicious use of resources and meet student priority needs and college goals.
  • Develop and maintain positive external and internal relationships throughout the University and Global community.
  • Administer and ensure compliance with university policies and procedures.
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Work Hours


Position Category: Full Time

Posting Date: 05/05/2022

Posted Until Filled: No
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