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Manager, Nurse Aid Training Program

Owens Community College
Job Location:
Toledo, Ohio

Manages the NATCEP to ensure continued compliance. Maintain current, and develop new opportunities for students and hiring authorities. Contribute to the School of Nursing and Health Professions to become a valued member of the team.

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Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Must demonstrate competency in legal issues of Ohio Department of Health Rules and Regulations and Ohio Board of Nursing. Able to operate and maintain the technical modalities of the program. Propose capital requests for diagnostic and evaluative updates.
  • Practice effective and efficient communication with students, faculty, adjuncts, peers, student services and all other college departments. Work as a team member and follow college approved processes to ensure compliance with policy. Create a positive environment and support the success of team members and peers. Take on additional duties when asked. Make valued contributions and confidently shares thoughts and ideas. Make the best use of available resources to achieve goals. Seek out, encourage, and support opportunities for direct reports’ professional development and provide opportunity to implement.
  • Seek out and attend professional development related to the position, then share and implement. Model desired behaviors of: professionalism, consistency, courtesy, respect, dedication, and engagement. Must be a self-starter, highly organized, energetic and able to work well under pressure. Must be able to multi-task, complete project/reports/processes in a timely fashion. Must possess a controlled demeanor when dealing with human resource issues. Dedicated to a leadership style which promotes the best practices of supervisory excellence.

Essential Functions:

  • ADMINISTRATION: Responsible for all aspects of the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP), including the organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development, and general effectiveness. Is present for and manages all visits from the Ohio department of Health (ODH) to ensure continued compliance with Sections 3721.27 to 3721.33 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 3701-28 of the Ohio Administrative code. Communicate as needed with the ODH. Submit necessary documents as directed by ODH.
  • CURRICULUM: Coordinates, implements, and evaluates the NATP curriculum. Stays abreast of the content being taught in the classroom and laboratory settings. Prepares course outlines and syllabi. Plans master schedule for all semester course offerings. Evaluates textbooks and submits book orders each semester for Toledo/Findlay as necessary.
  • STUDENTS: Communicates and coordinates with the program Chairs in scheduling classes for their students. Assists students with registration for the course. Coordinates and maintains all health requirements for students. Submits attendance verification and grade reporting forms for each NATP class. Advises students experiencing academic difficulties.
  • FACULTY: Recruits, hires, orients, schedules, and evaluates faculty. Act as the primary resource person for the NATCEP instructors. Remain accessible to the instructors and trainees whenever the program is operating. Maintains required trainee records. Teaches 3-6 credit hours per academic year.
  • CLINICAL: Serves as the liaison between Owens and clinical facilities. Ensures affiliation agreements are current, meet program needs, and are compliant with state requirements. Communicates regularly with clinical affiliates to assess satisfaction with the Owens NATCEP.
  • LABORATORY: Selects, purchases and inventories laboratory equipment and supplies. Maintains contract for laundry services for program. Prepares appropriate equipment and supplies for skills laboratories. Plans for continued upgrading of lab facilities and equipment to ensure quality educational experiences for enrolled trainees.
  • COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Serves as the liaison between Owens and community partners. Meets with community partners including but not limited to long-term care facilities, hospitals, educational partners, and clinics to identify opportunities to meet their educational and hiring needs and implements strategies to do so.
  • BUDGET: Prepares the budget for the NATCEP. Prepares, completes, and submits purchase orders based on needs of the program.
  • COLLEGE SERVICE: Participate on college, school, and program committees and councils. Participate on community committees and organizations and represent the college to community stakeholders developing strong, positive working relationships within the college’s service district.

Other Characteristics:

This individual will bring a positive outlook to every situation, treat all others with respect, kindness, and be eager to assist others. Must strive to build strong, positive working relationships with peers, supervisors and others by listening carefully, asking questions and striving to understand. They will represent their program, department and the college as an academic professional in appearance, communication, and behavior. This individual will work well as a member of an innovative, effective and efficient team always looking toward continuous quality improvement and will consistently set and achieve goals in the stated time frame. Must take responsibility for their actions, and demonstrate trustworthiness, honesty, and high personal standards.

Minimum Education/Experience:

  • Associate degree or two-year technical certificate - Associate’s in Gerontology, Nursing
  • Minimum of two years nursing experience as a licensed registered nurse, with at least one of those years being in the provision of long-term care facility services.
  • Possess a current, valid license to practice nursing as a registered nurse issued under Chapter 4723. of the Revised Code or other state code and a completed train-the-trainer program certificate (NATCEP)

Salary: Negotiable


  • PPO Plan OR Consumer Driven Health Plan (and dental and vision)
  • Sick Leave
  • Vacation Hours
  • State Pension Plan - SERS (Other alternative programs can be selected)

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