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Dean of the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government

Saint Vincent College
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Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Business Deans

Saint Vincent College seeks applications for the Dean of the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government. The Dean serves as the chief academic and administrative officer of the School. Provides leadership and oversight in matters of curriculum, budget, evaluation and development of programs, management of faculty and staff, external relationships, and fund raising.

Develops collaborative relationships with Deans, administrators, faculty, and staff across the College community, as well as, with key members of the community, business, industry, government, alumni, and other institutions. Encourages the active participation and development of members of the Council of Advisors.

Provides general supervision and oversight for Centers and Programs operated under the auspices of the School. The term School, as used herein, is assumed to mean School and Centers and all duties apply equally to both entities.

Essential duties:

1. Manages and provides leadership to the Chairpersons and faculty of the School and the Directors and employees of the appropriate Centers. This includes but is not limited to:

· Evaluates faculty members and Chairpersons of the departments within the School and the Directors of the appropriate Centers. Reviews and provides preliminary approval of the Chairpersons' recommendations on tenure, promotion and other career actions prior to submission to the Vice President.

· Determines employment criteria for the School and Chairpersons employment and search committees.

· Provides final approval of all employment decisions with respect to hiring within the School.

· Designs, evaluates, and oversees individual development initiatives for members of the School.

Promotes faculty and staff welfare and professional development and a collegial and participatory culture within the School and the College.

2.Manages the active participation and support of the Council of Advisors in the effective and successful governance of the School.

Develops effective relationships with the members of the Council of Advisors for the School.

Conducts regular substantive meetings with the Council to solicit input and participation, as well as, to provide feedback on the programs and progress of the school.

Provides regular communication with the members to encourage ongoing dialog throughout the year.

Works with members of the Council to Identify and develop Internships, graduate and professional school and career opportunities for students.

3. Provides direction in the design and development of the curriculum and programs of the Sch col and each of the departments within the School. This duty includes but is not limited to:

Reviews and approves the departmental statement of objectives, and the major and minor requirements.

Recommends and/or reviews for approval the design and implementation of new curriculum.

Conducts ongoing departmental assessments.

Encourages development of an environment which enhances the learning experience and academic excellence.

4. Develops and manages relationships with all constituencies of the School. This duty includes but is not limited to:

Assists in the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students for the School's academic programs.

Identifies and develops relationships with local community organizations, businesses, industries, and government entities.

Identifies and develops relationships with alumni, foundations, business and government entities, other institutions, and those who could be called on to support, or who could benefit from, relationships with the School.

Provides leadership and fosters collaborative relationships among the members of the School and the larger College community and facilitates interdisciplinary initiatives.

Identifies and develops relationships that will enhance internships,graduate school,and career opportunities.

5. Provides leadership and direction in fund raising for, and marketing of the School. This duty includes but is not limited to:

Works with the President and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement to identify, develop and nurture sources and potential sources of funding for the School and the College.

Works with other Schools, Vice Presidents, and departments of the College on marketing and advertising initiatives to recruit and retain a high quality student population.

6.Provides leadership in managing the implementation of the Schools mission and strategy and insuring that it is supportive of the mission and strategy of the College. Promotes high understanding o/, and commitment to, the Mission of the College

Other duties:

1. Exhibits a commitment to the Mission of the College, academic excellence, diversity, and outreach to the constituencies of the School, and demonstrated excellence in communication and interpersonal skills.

2. Maintains an academic presence by teaching one course per semester and engaging in research,

writing and other scholarly activities.

3. Prepares and manages the fiscal budget for the School.

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