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Director of the Advanced Science & Engineering Program

Fairmont Schools Inc
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Anaheim, California
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The Director of the Advanced Science & Engineering Program acts as a mentor, curriculum developer, instructor and advocate for students in the program. The director must be knowledgeable in theory and practice in the sciences and be willing to keep abreast of scientific developments. Below are a few of the roles of the Director:
  • Create a culture of support, collaboration and academic drive and resilience
  • Oversee the Advanced Science & Engineering Curriculum. The director will initiate, coordinate, and present curricular developments to Department Chairs, Dean of Academics through the Academic Council.
  • Act as a mentor to students in the program to insure and maximize success of students within the program. Examples of this include meeting with students, and checking in with their counselors.
  • Oversee application processes of students into the program, work with counselors, Dean of Academics, and admission director.
  • Oversee the transfer process of students into the program, work with counselors and department chairs.
  • Coordinate with the admissions director for the recruitment of students into the program. Examples include talking to middle school students about the program and marketing to parents and potential students. Events include, visits to other campuses, prep information night, etc.
  • Disseminate information to students regarding summer internships, leadership, and volunteer activities and coordinate with Community Service Coordinator regarding student's’ participation in health, science, and medical opportunities.
  • Maintain information portals for students for example Canvas ASEP page
  • Communicate with parents of students in the program
  • Oversee the progress of each student and if necessary conduct a re-evaluation of the student's status within the program while working with the student’s counselor. This could include:
  • Coordinating with teachers for possible class observation in the event that a student is struggling.
  • Communicating with DC /teachers regarding student drop/transfer to/from classes
  • Sending letters to parents regarding a student's status in the program, if classes are changed.
  • Organize informational meetings for parents of students; working with the administration and student services.
  • Work with IB/AP Coordinator regarding AP and IB classes/requirements of student participants.
  • Meet with Administration and counselors regarding scheduling of ASEP classes
  • Work with Science Department regarding curriculum improvement in sciences and engineering
  • Represent the ASE Program at meetings of the Academic council.
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