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Parking Facilities Supervisor

Colorado State University
Job Location:
Fort Collins, Colorado
Facilities Management
Position Location
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Classification Title
Structural Trades III

Posting Number: 202100343P

Position Type: State Classified

Open Date

Close Date: 10/15/2021


Employee Benefits

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Description of Work Unit

It is the mission of Colorado State University Parking and Transportation Services to provide safe and efficient multi-modal access to the campuses, and manage parking resources, in a manner that supports campus activities and enhances life in the university community.

Unit Mission Statement

Parking and Transportation Services Maintenance team, in accordance with the parking regulation guidelines, promotes safe access to the university campuses through supportive services and asset management.

Position Summary

Duties of this position involve a variety of tasks in planning, coordinating, scheduling and monitoring the maintenance and upkeep of over 100 parking facilities to include two on campus garages, over three campuses. Oversight to mechanical and electronic parking related equipment and computer-based parking guidance systems. Responsible for ensuring all work is completed according to industry, federal or University standards, to include ADA federal guidelines related to space capacity, physical design and construction. Work includes repairing, renovating and maintaining all parking related supplies and equipment to include signage. Position must assess, determine, plan, forecast, initiate and ensure completion that meets all department requirements: . forecasting routine parking maintenance, delegating and prioritizing workload and material requirements. Position operates large equipment, department vehicle and must be competent using a variety of hand and power tools.

This is a supervisory, hands-on working position. Duties involve a variety of tasks in the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, machinery and systems associated with parking facilities. Including facility preventative maintenance, unscheduled maintenance and repairs, asphalt surface assessment and repairs of parking lots, maintenance along 4+ miles of bike paths and maintenance and repairs of additional amenities associated with Transportation Demand Management programs.

Minimum Qualifications

Six years of experience providing preventative and ongoing maintenance for buildings/facilities and associated equipment including basic structural, mechanical, and/or building systems related repair.


Successful completion of a formalized apprenticeship program, project management, or higher level course work from an accredited, non-correspondence, vocational or trades school appropriate to the work assignment may substitute for the required experience on a year-for-year basis. At the agency's discretion, demonstrated proficiency on position competencies may substitute for the required experience.

Preferred Qualifications

The highly desired candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills, abilities, personal characteristics, and experience directly related and critical to this position:
  • Experience monitoring and utilizing trades knowledge to provide basic inspection to troubleshoot and repair a variety of commercial buildings systems such as plumbing, electrical, general carpentry, HVAC, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and implement preventative, routine, and ongoing maintenance programs for structural, mechanical, and safety compliance aspects within building management
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills with the knowledge of when to escalate an issue to specific trades area or outside vendor
  • Knowledge and ability to determine the most efficient, cost-effective approach to maintenance issues, including knowledge of industry standards or parts and tools needed
  • Experience maintaining parking structures, facilities, lots, parking equipment (i.e. pay stations)
  • Ability to oversee projects by collaborating with and efficiently coordinating internal and external stakeholders - staff, university partners, and vendors
  • Communication skills (verbal and written) and the ability to document and maintain accurate maintenance and general records
  • Prioritization and organizational skills
  • Ability to maintain composure when working under pressure
  • Demonstrated interpersonal, networking and relationship building/customer service skills
  • Detailed with work product and tasks
  • Safe working practices

Job Duty Category: Operations Supervisor


Identifies maintenance needs on a daily, weekly monthly, and annual basis, and determines when maintenance is to be performed by PTS staff, or by associated departments including Facilities Management staff. Determines work schedules of full-time and hourly parking services maintenance staff. Supervises work team to ensure consistent and effective completion of work assignments, providing evaluation, development and training as necessary to support business goals, includes routine inspection and direct observation of staff performance. Provide training to ensure proper, safe use of tools and initiates training and/or retraining as determined necessary. Conduct performance evaluations, develop performance plans as needed and conduct regular one-on-one meetings to support team needs, identifying opportunities for growth to ensure operational goals are met. Provide effective and timely feedback as needed to address performance related concerns. Daily and weekly review of timeclock, providing assistance to team regarding schedule communication, leave, time off or other related schedule needs, in compliance with university policies. Work with department supervisor to monitor production/operational needs to ensure business goals are met, pro-actively identifying hiring needs. Initiate hiring discussions and facilitate networking with HR representative to manage timely hiring process. Position responsible for understanding HR policies, reviewing prospective applications, conducting interviews and recommending new hires, as well as current team promotions. Assign and provide oversight to ensure daily facility observations are completed, facilities and buildings support safe occupancy (all parking structures, parking lots and buildings are accessible) to include routine cleaning and snow plowing, shoveling as needed. Conduct visual inspections, function testing and timely work order completion in accordance with written maintenance standards. Forecast, budget, plan and manage repairs and preventative maintenance for parking facilities and equipment. Develops, directs, trains and oversees the installation and functional performance of current, new or upgraded parking equipment. Responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of the work completed by PTS maintenance staff.

Delegate and supervise repair and maintenance tasks, approving repairs or identifying unacceptable work that requires follow up to ensure standards are met. Position requires business acumen, networking, organization and communication skills to build strong partnerships with Associate Director of Finance, Facilities Management and other external vendors to ensure thorough communication, planning and payment authorizations for work invoices and performance of all completed work orders.

Develops, trains and enforces work safety standards in conducting installations, repairs, working with power equipment. Develop organizational tools, utilizing Microsoft suite of products (Word, Excel, Power Point, Paint) to ensure timely completion of work and clear direction to team. Initiate communication (in-person, email, phone) or team meetings (virtual or in-person) with Associate Directors, Directors and PTS team members as needed to support campus activities, events and or maintenance needs.

Meets weekly, or as needed, with Associate Directors or Director for briefings and information.

Inspect work completed by third party, including snow removal staff, to support campus accessibility.

Percentage Of Time: 35

Job Duty Category: Inspect and Maintain the Lake Street and South College Parking Garages and parking lots


Daily inspection of the Lake Street and South College Parking Garages and routine inspections of approximately 100 surface parking lots. Monitors, maintains, and troubleshoots the garage's mechanical, electrical and parking systems. To include but not limited to lighting system, elevators, fire sprinkler system, security system, guidance system, pay stations systems and signage system. In the event of mechanical, electrical or system problems, uses judgement and determines if the proper maintenance can be done in-house by PTS staff or contacts FM or the responsible contractor to perform the maintenance. Tracks previous and schedules future preventative maintenance.

Remains alert to conditions and events occurring in the garage indicating misuse and/or vandalism.

Monitors winter weather conditions and schedules snow clearing operations when weather is expected to produce plowable snow events. Safety determinations to ensure safe accessibility of the ramps and rooftop parking and determines if additional service is needed or if the ramps and decks are too dangerous and the areas need to be shut down.

This position acts as the building proctor. Inspects ADA building access systems regularly to ensure proper operation and accessibility. Responds to complaints about broken elevators and inspects for proper operation. Determine if elevators need to be shut down and contacts elevator repair contractors when needed. Responds to maintenance requests for the PTS staff, determines appropriate solutions, conducts repairs or completes a work order for FM or coordinates work with a third-party contractor.

Monitors all parking lots and schedules restriping of the lots on a regular schedule. Scrapes/cleans curbs and repaints using the proper equipment and technique. Repair of potholes and safety hazards when they are identified. Monitor and accesses condition of asphalt and recommend repairs. Monitors and inspects all construction and repairs in parking lots and ensures repairs by contractors are performed to CSU standards.

Oversee the delivery of the proper tools and parts in accordance with these methods so the repairs can be performed safely and with the least amount of down time. Determine methods and/or techniques for the selection of tools and parts required for a repair. Determines if department safety procedures and OSHA regulations are met while repairs are being performed by lower level trades staff when field and shop repairs are being performed. Determines what supplies, quantity, and lead time of materials is required for successful unit operations on an ongoing basis.

Percentage Of Time: 25

Job Duty Category: Collection and Repair of Parking Pay Stations


Daily inspection of pay stations, responds to repair alerts from the system, calls for service from external or internal customers, and troubleshoots the system to determine if it is a hardware or software issue, determines the best method of repair and makes the appropriate repairs. This includes adjusting internal components, install new components or performing pre-coded software uploads or downloads. Responsible for keeping the pay stations operable at all times. Responds to calls for service from internal and external customers. Monitors the CALE Back Office software for the CALE pay stations. Responsible and accountable for the timely collection of funds from parking pay stations.

Percentage Of Time: 15

Job Duty Category: Monitoring and Maintaining Parking Amenities (Static Signs, Electronic Signs, Parking Guidance Systems)


Position is responsible for monitoring system performance and availability of the electronic monument signs at the parking garages, the computerized parking guidance system within the garages, computer network-based pay stations positioned on three separate campuses as well as almost 6,000 static parking signs across three campuses.

Plans and schedules daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance needs for these electronic and computer-based systems. Determines when maintenance is required to be performed by department staff, or by the vendor. Coordinates maintenance by project area and among responsible parties to ensure tasks are accomplished in a timely and effective manner. Approves repairs and payments or declines to accept and pay for repairs that are unacceptable or do not meet standards until satisfactorily completed. Respond to internal or external calls for maintenance, troubleshoots and repairs or call vendor for system breaks. Ensures equipment is cleaned and inspected regularly.

Designs and makes new and replacement signage for parking operations and external customers, utilizing appropriate sign making software and printer. Designs and makes the signs to meet Federal and State specifications. Installs the new signs meet the Federal and State requirements and utilizing the correct trade techniques. Monitors and maintains signage equipment and material inventory, ensuring there is no down time with the operation. Monitors existing signage throughout three separate campuses ensuring signs are up, have not been vandalized and still meet Federal and State standards. Makes repairs, adjustments and replaces signs to meet regulatory needs.

Percentage Of Time: 15

Job Duty Category: Customer Service and miscellaneous


Provide customer service by assisting the public with directions and information.
Respond to customer complaints in the appropriate manner, evaluate the legitimacy of the complaint, determine the appropriate action to be taken and then resolve the issue. If required follow-up with the complainant for additional questions to inform of the resolution.

Respond to Appeal Group questions and/or concerns for specific problems in the field. Conduct a site evaluation, determine if there is a problem, determine the appropriate response and then follow through with repairs (if any are required). Provide Appeal Group with the resolution to the problem or indicate no problem was identified.

Respond to office or customer complaints of pay station outage, missing sign or guidance system malfunctioning. Troubleshoot and repair machine in a timely manner and respond to customer or office as needed.

Other duties as assigned. This represents most of the responsibilities and requirements of this position; however, it is not a complete list. Throughout the roles and responsibilities of this position there will be things come up that are not covered in the above areas.

Percentage Of Time: 5

Job Duty Category: Installation and Maintenance of All Bike and TDM Amenities


Responsible for the placement, installation, relocation, and repair and maintenance of all new and existing alternative parking infrastructure under Parking and Transportation's purview. Including but not limited to, bicycle racks, longboard/skateboard racks, bicycle fix-it stations, and any associated signage. Responsible for the installation and maintenance of bicycle and multi-use path striping; painted and thermoplastic pavement symbols. Task scheduling is a very important component of this job. Already seeing use at capacity, it can be difficult to relocate and maintain some of our bicycle and TDM amenities. Excellent decision-making skills are a must.

Percentage Of Time: 5

Special Instructions to Applicants

  • Clearly document job duties you have performed that relate to minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications, and essential job duties in the Work Experience section on the application. Human Resources must be able to evaluate your experience based on this information.
  • Clearly outline dates of employment and hours worked per week for each employment experience listed in the Work Experience section of the Application so that Human Resources can calculate full-time work experience. Please note: Part-time experience will be calculated to determine the full-time equivalent.
  • The Work Experience is the only document that will be utilized to determine if minimum qualifications, as outlined in the job posting, have been met. The Application is considered to be the legal document on file; resumes will not be reviewed for minimum qualification requirements
  • If an Application is considered "Incomplete", the Application will be removed from consideration for the position.

** An Application is incomplete if no current/ previous employment is included in the Work Experience section of the Application.

** An Application is incomplete if "see resume" (or something similar) is noted, or previous employment does not contain job duties for every position in the Work Experience section of the Application.

** Positions requiring a degree or if using education as a substitution for work experience (e.g.: Associate or Bachelor's) transcripts are required in order to verify receipt of the required degree or coursework. If official or unofficial transcripts are not supplied at the time of application, the Application is incomplete.

  • When a resume is listed as a required document, it may be used in the comparative analysis/ evaluation process to determine the candidates that most closely meet the qualifications of the position. This process occurs after an application has passed the minimum qualifications screening.
  • Resumes will not be accepted in place of a completed application; however, some positions may still require a resume as a component for complete application materials.

**Please see the Required Documents section of the posting.

  • Appointment to the vacancy or vacancies represented by this announcement is expected to be from the eligible list created. However, at the discretion of the appointing authority, the position(s) may be filled by another method of appointment for a valid articulated business reason.
  • The selection process for State Classified positions may include an exam(s) and interview(s) which require candidates to physically appear (at the CSU campus in Fort Collins, CO) at the candidates' own expense.
  • All status updates for this position will be sent via email from, OR the Employment Consultant facilitating the search process. In addition to your Inbox, remember to check the Deleted and Junk folders for these important communications.
  • Pertinent updates to your Application status can be obtained by logging into your application account at

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Colorado State University

The State of Colorado believes that equity, diversity, and inclusion drive our success, and we encourage candidates from all identities, backgrounds, and abilities to apply. The State of Colorado is an equal opportunity employer committed to building inclusive, innovative work environments with employees who reflect our communities and enthusiastically serve them. Therefore, in all aspects of the employment process, we provide employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, medical condition related to pregnancy, creed, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, or military status (with preference given to military veterans), or any other protected status in accordance with applicable law.

Colorado State University is committed to the full inclusion of all qualified individuals. As part of this commitment, our agency will assist individuals who have a disability with any reasonable accommodation requests related to employment, including completing the application process, interviewing, completing any pre-employment testing, participating in the employee selection process, and/or to perform essential job functions where the requested accommodation does not impose an undue hardship. If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to ensure you have a positive experience applying or interviewing for this position, please direct your inquiries to our Human Resources - Employment Office, at or call (970) 491- MyHR(6947).

  • All other inquiries should be directed to the Colorado State University Human Resources Office (970) 491- MyHR(6947).
Conditions of Employment
Pre-employment Criminal Background Check (required for new hires), Valid Driver's License, On-call Status - Snow shift work in the winter months, and any other situations that may arise.

EEO Statement

Colorado State University is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment based on race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or pregnancy in its employment, programs, services and activities, and admissions, and, in certain circumstances, marriage to a co-worker. The University will not discharge or in any other manner discriminate against employees or applicants because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their own pay or the pay of another employee or applicant. Colorado State University is an equal opportunity and equal access institution and affirmative action employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce and complies with all Federal and Colorado State laws, regulations, and executive orders regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action. The Office of Equal Opportunity is located in 101 Student Services.

The Title IX Coordinator is the Director of the Office of Title IX Programs and Gender Equity, 123 Student Services Building, Fort Collins, CO 80523-0160, (970) 491-1715,

The Section 504 and ADA Coordinator is the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, 101 Student Services Building, Fort Collins, CO 80523-0160, (970) 491-5836,

The Coordinator for any other forms of misconduct prohibited by the University's Policy on Discrimination and Harassment is the Vice President for Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX, 101 Student Services Building, Fort Collins, Co. 80523-0160, (970) 491-5836,

Any person may report sex discrimination under Title IX to the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education.

Background Check Policy Statement

Colorado State University strives to provide a safe study, work, and living environment for its faculty, staff, volunteers and students. To support this environment and comply with applicable laws and regulations, CSU conducts background checks. The type of background check conducted varies by position and can include, but is not limited to, criminal history, sex offender registry, motor vehicle history, financial history, and/or education verification. Background checks will also be conducted when required by law or contract and when, in the discretion of the University, it is reasonable and prudent to do so.

Employment and Appeal Rights

If you receive notice that you have been eliminated from consideration for the position, you may protest the action by filing an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the date you receive notice of the elimination. Also, if you wish to challenge the selection and comparative analysis process, you may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the receipt of notice or knowledge of the action you are challenging.

Refer to Chapters 4 and 8 of the State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures, 4 CCR 801, for more information about the appeals process. The State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures are available at

A standard appeal form is available at: If you appeal, your appeal must be submitted in writing on the official appeal form, signed by you or your representative, and received at the following address within 10 days of your receipt of notice or knowledge of the action: Colorado State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director, Attn: Appeals Processing, 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. Fax: 303-866-5038. Phone: 303-866-3300. The ten-day deadline and these appeal procedures also apply to all charges of discrimination.
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