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GIS Geographer - Geology and Geography

West Virginia University
Job Location:
Morgantown, West Virginia


The WV GIS Technical Center, housed in the Department of Geology and Geography in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, is seeking a GIS Geographer who will provide GIS programming support for geography research and Web applications.

The Technical Center ( is an educational and research institution which provides direction and leadership to users of geographic information systems, digital mapping, and remote sensing within the State of West Virginia. The Center collaborates with the WV Office of GIS Coordination and other organizations to develop and distribute geographic data and information. It provides outreach, educational, and mapping services to the citizens, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses of West Virginia in the area of GIS and related spatial data technologies.

As a GIS Geographer at West Virginia University, Morgantown WV; your duties will include but are not limited to:

  • study the nature and use of the earth's surfaces, relating and interpreting interactions of physical and cultural phenomena in Morgantown, WV.
  • conduct research on the physical aspects of a region, including landforms, climates, soils, plants, and animals.
  • conduct research on the spatial implications of human activities within a given area, including social characteristics, economic activities, and political organization, as well as researching interdependence between regions at scales ranging from local to global.
  • analyze geographic distributions of physical and cultural phenomena on local, regional, continental, and global scales.
  • gather and compile geographic data from sources including censuses, field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps.
  • advance the state's spatial data infrastructure through the development and maintenance of enterprise geographic databases using ArcGIS Server and relational databases.
  • write and present reports of research findings.
  • conduct research and enhance applications to adapt to evolving computing technologies and best practices.
  • prepare technical documentation, including business rules, flow charts, and logical diagrams according to standard operating procedures.
  • lead the design, development, updates, and maintenance of web map applications and geoprocessing tools for state agencies and other clients based upon requirements.
  • interact with hardware and software of computer systems to program, set up functions, enter data, and process information.
  • provide programming support for geo-processing, map production and spatial analysis.
  • provide backup support for system administration, redundancy server/data management, software installation and updates, and website development.
  • provide geographic information systems support to the private and public sectors.
  • coordinate with state and local officials to provide technical support and consulting services on flood and landslide hazard mitigation.
  • provide technical support for the West Virginia GIS Data Clearinghouse and the MapWV public portal, including the generation and maintenance of GIS web services, applications, and geodatabases.
  • supervise interns
  • troubleshoot databases, applications, software, and hardware to sustain adequate services and user satisfaction. Supervise interns
  • Be a Certified Floodplain Manager..



  • Bachelor's degree in geographic information systems, geography, computer science, environmental science, or geology. Will also accept a master's degree in geographic information systems, geography, computer science, environmental science, or geology.


  • Bachelor's degree and three years of experience in geographic information systems. Will also accept a masters degree and one year of experience in geographic information systems.


1 year of experience in the following:

  • (1) preparing technical documentation and justifying the approach used, resolving complex issues, and explaining the technical features of the application or process;
  • (2) geographic information systems and how these systems are utilized for data management, analysis, and presentation of all types of spatial or geographical data;
  • (3) basic cartographic design principals, including experience in graphic design and user interface;
  • (4) GIS programming languages and web map applications development and implementation for desktop and mobile devices, including ArcGIS JavaScript API;
  • (5) configuring and administering multi-user geo-databases, caching and publishing various types of ArcGIS services, and writing ArcGIS python geoprocessing scripts;
  • (6) developing user management systems to administer user accounts, user privilege, and other content;
  • (7) system administration, including security protocols and utilizing an understanding of virtualized server networks;
  • (8) web programming and HTML and CSS skills; and
  • (9) database systems, including SQL Server.
  • Must also have certification as a Certified Floodplain Manager.

West Virginia University is proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer and is the recipient of an NSF ADVANCE award for gender equity. The University values diversity among its faculty, staff, and students, and invites applications from all qualified applicants regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, genetics, disability, or Veteran status.

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