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Professional Faculty - Electrical Technology Instructor

Washtenaw Community College
Job Location:
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Electrical Technology Instructor will ensure WCC’s Electricity/Electronic programs are delivered with the highest level of rigor. This position will instruct, using a hands-on platform as the center for teaching. As the program director, this position will actively adjust/change to the needs of the program and hiring community. The Electricity/Electronic Instructor will be part of building a top-notch program at WCC, that will serve as a model for all Mechatronics programs. This multi-faceted position ties several areas of the advanced manufacturing department together. The instructor will be responsible developing course materials for industrial electronics incorporating advanced transportation technologies. This position will also include teaching students to program and operate numerical control (CNC) machines, and robotics.

Areas of Focus and Development

  • Electricity/ Electronics
  • PLC Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Servo motors and controls
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Stepper motors
  • Advanced motion control systems
  • Arduina platform
  • Networking,
  • NPN and PNP sensors,
  • Programming logic using python platform and others.
  • Integration of devices into automated systems

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide individualized instruction on including but not limited to fundamental and advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Present lectures and conduct discussions to increase student’s knowledge and competence of subject matter.
  • Connect subject matter with related fields so that students get a feel for real world applications.
  • Educate students in safe work practice application when performing processes in the lab.
  • Supervise and monitor student’s use of equipment to help ensure safe work practices are always being executed.
  • Utilize the latest technology to enhance teaching and the educational experience.
  • Collaborate with department in the planning and development of course curriculum, for both current and future offerings, to keep our program aligned with industry and ahead of the curve.
  • Collaborate with department on updating of any course material (syllabi, objectives, etc.), to keep courses and offerings fresh and aligned with industry and on the cutting edge wherever possible.
  • Participate in department meetings and program advisory committee meetings
  • Maintain technical knowledge of the electrical/electronic field through active participation in professional development organizations, events, seminars, training, etc., and integrate relevant information into program.
  • Preferred experience with unions and apprenticeships
  • Must be able to teach online course content
  • Participate in college events, which may fall outside a faculty’s schedule, that promote our program and the college, such as; recruiting events, campus tours organized by the college, open houses and competitions sponsored by the department, etc.
  • Advise students on registration, course selections, career decisions and other academic and vocational concerns.
  • Evaluate student performance fairly and consistently.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to student’s needs and circumstances.
  • Maintain accurate and confidential records of student progress and submit final grade rosters each semester in accordance with college policy and FERPA.
  • Post and maintain regular office hours to ensure accessibility to colleagues and students for advisement and consultation.
  • Coordinate and direct students in the electronics specialties. Lead initiatives in advancing the advanced manufacturing department.
  • Teach online course content.
  • Assist with hiring and oversee/direct part-time staff.
  • Numerical control programming, setup, and operation.
  • Programming and operation of assorted robots.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Hours/Schedule: Hours vary based on class schedules—days, nights and weekends.

Physical Demands:

  • Move about 2/3 of the time and be stationary about 1/3 of the time.
  • Lift and move objects of 50 pounds.
  • Operate machinery in a manufacturing environment.
  • Tolerate frequent exposure to fluids and noise which are common to the industry.

Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

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