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Director, Nursing

Columbia University
Job Location:
Health and Medical Services

Position Summary

Under the leadership of the Associate VP, Medical Services, the Director provides overall planning, quality assurance, supervision and coordination of clinical care provided by Associate Director of Nursing, Assistant Director, Infection Prevention & Public Health Support, Assistant Director, Clinical Support and Senior Case Manager. The incumbent will provide overall responsibility for the daily operations by structuring the work effectively, defining goals and objectives and ensuring integration of services into the overall offerings of Columbia Health. The incumbent will cultivate and sustain strong, collaborative working relationships with colleagues and other university partners and units so that students are provided a seamless health and well-being experience on campus. Direct day-to-day management and evaluation of services to accomplish effective service delivery. In support of the department, maintain accreditation standards and assist with articulation efforts to meet accreditation requirements. This is an essential, onsite role. 


Management (45%) 

  • Directly supervises Associate Director of Nursing, Assistant Director, Infection Prevention & Public Health Support, Assistant Director, Clinical Support and Senior Case Manager 

  • Management the recruitment, onboarding, professional development, supervision, and performance management of nursing and related employees 

  • Member of the Medical Service’s Quality Management (QM) Committee.

  • In collaboration with the Associate VP, Medical Services participate in strategic planning.

  • Proactively reviews all aspects, both medical and administrative of management.

  • Responsible for the development of QM projects, reports to the Columbia Health QM committee and staff closing the loop of QI activities.

  • Member of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Emergency Procedure Committee, Accreditation Committee as well as tasks force when warranted to achieve the integrated quality care for patients.

  • Implement and manage a Risk Management program. Reports high-risk patients to Director, Clinical Services & Training or designee in a timely manner and review cases periodically and as warranted. Ensures overall integration of risk management into Quality Management activities.

  • Instrumental in implementing procedures, designs that improve or enhance the function of the department. Designs and implements new procedures, policies to improve patient flow, service (e.g. patient flow designs, appropriate in-service training for nursing as well as allied health staff as needed). 

  • Facilitates organizational change initiatives by using effective strategies to support and promote the implementation of the mission, vision, goals, and objectives of Columbia Health.

  • Works with student groups, parents, faculty, and staff as necessary to promote the mission of Columbia Health/Medical Services. Identifies important areas of overlap in service.

  • Consults with and works collaboratively with other units of Columbia Health as needed.

  • Fosters a professional practice environment through the facilitation of collegial interdisciplinary relationships, peer review, innovation, and joint practice arrangement.

Nursing Practice (20%) 

  • Leads nursing practice using the tenets of patient-centered care for the promotion of the patient experience. 

  • Oversees walk-in patient flow for urgent care and works with Associate Director of Nursing and all members of the healthcare team to supports best practice patient care decisions.

  • Oversees clinical aspects of patient reception and registration functions by support staff.

  • Oversees the process for follow-up of patients seen in Urgent Care that have been transferred to hospitals or referred to PCP.

  • Facilitates the continuity of care of hospitalized discharge patients. 

  • Develops protocols for triage for patients presenting to or calling in to Medical Services for clinical care consistent with established standards of quality care. (These protocols address self-care advice or arrangements for a proper medical disposition for patient i.e. emergency department transfer, urgent care appointment, appointment in primary care, same day appointment or future appointment coordination of care for patient with facilities outside of Medical Services).

  • Oversees the process of coordination and continuity of care of student patients with complex complicated medical conditions such a mild depression, eating disorders, diabetes mellitus, newly diagnosed cancer, trauma. Oversees the process of coordination of care with new in-coming students.

Clinical Operations (10%) 

  • Working with the Assistant Director of Clinical Support oversees Medical Assistants’ hiring, supervision, training, observing, and evaluation. 

  • Oversees the design and implementation of in-service trainings for all Medical Assistants (i.e., cleaning and maintenance of clinical equipment such as speculums and surgical instruments. instructing patients on use of crutches, reviewing of taking vital signs, care of the patient with ankle sprain, monitoring intravenous fluids, etc.).

  • Develops meaningful orientation program including infection control orientation for new employees, Safe Injection Practices review; Bloodborne Pathogens.

  • In partnership with HR, evaluates staff performance, mentors, coaches, and disciplines staff as needed.

 Infection Prevention & Pubic Health Support (10%) 

  • Working with the Assistant Director, Infection Prevention & Pubic Health Support Oversees Occupational Health for Columbia Health Staff, Columbia University students working in laboratories and the Columbia University community where appropriate.

  • Review changes to CDC & NYS DOH recommendations for healthcare workers and update policies and protocols as needed.

  • Review safety issues as they pertain to staff and patients; suggest or implement changes based on review when indicated.

  • Review immunization history of new employees; coordinate fitting for N95 respirators and clearance for fit testing with external vendor.

  • Arrange for laboratory testing for titers when indicated for Medical Services employees.

  • Oversee the influenza vaccinations, annual university Flu Fairs, annual TST and N95 fit testing for Columbia Health employees.

  • Maintain log of occupational exposures to blood borne pathogens;

  • Coordinate evaluation of exposure and treatment of exposed employee, including interview of source patient; facilitate exposed worker’s follow up at designated external vendor.

  • Development and updates of policies and procedures consistent with the AAAHC Standard, Infection Prevention and Control, and Safety.

  • Works collaboratively with Alice! Health Promotion on public health initiatives and community infection control.

  • Manages Columbia Health’s role as NYC DOH Influenza Sentinel Provider; submitting weekly influenza statistics, obtaining specimens for influenza testing to submit to DOH. Communicate public health/communicable disease concerns to DOH Communicable Disease Surveillance Department when appropriate.

  • Oversees maintenance of log of communicable diseases reported to DOH and the development of policies related to minimizing exposure to infectious diseases.

  • Assist with coordination of students requiring isolation/testing for communicable disease and notify Medical Director when public health concerns arise. 

 Clinical and Social Work Case Management (10%) 

  • Working with the Senior Case Manage, oversees supervising high level assessment and care planning for students with chronic and acute complex medical conditions. Ensuring a coordinated, collaborative approach to patient care, where the patient’s care plan demonstrates a sharing of information and unity of effort amongst clinicians.

  • Works as part of an interdepartmental team to ensure the delivery of high quality, effective patient care.

  • Meets the patient’s needs efficiently and expeditiously by continuously improving the patient’s experience and helping to ensure institutional standards of high quality, effective patient care.

  • Through broad knowledge of clinical care and systems management, facilitates and evaluates the movement of the patient through the continuum of care.

  • Coordinate referrals to resources within the community to further address medical, mental health, behavioral health, and social needs of the patients.

Performs other duties as assigned. (5%) 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or very closely health related specialty is required. 
  • Licensed as a registered nurse with current registration in New York State. 

  • 8+ years demonstrated clinical and administrative expertise in nursing practice with relevant clinical experience, especially in a primary care setting is required.

  • Demonstrate substantial experience in supervising and coordinating medical services, including directly supervising nursing staff. 

  • Thorough knowledge of, and demonstrable success in, developing collaborative teams that work from shared values to achieve strategic priorities.

  • Evidence of ability to maintain and promote interpersonal relationships. 

  • Outstanding communication, problem solving, analytic, and reasoning skills. 

  • Able to competently interact with a culturally and ethnically inclusive approach. 

  • Must be computer literate, familiar with electronic health records (EHR) systems and the ability to learn new systems quickly.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Advance degree (MSN, NP, DNP) or closely related field.
  • Experience in college health.
  • Working knowledge of college health center AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) accreditation standards.
  • General knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations (such as HIPAA, FERPA, and the Clery Act) pertaining to health care delivery systems.
  • Experience supervising employees who are part of a collective bargaining unit.
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