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Director of Facility Operations

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
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Facilities Management


The Director of Facility Operations will lead and oversee all activities related to facilities, construction, and property maintenance. This position will serve on the University Collaboration Council as well as other committees.


  1. Provide strategic decisions, managerial oversight, and leadership for university facilities, and ensure accountability, productivity, and preparedness pertaining to their stewardship, assignments, and meeting expectations.
  2. Assist in all building lease and construction negotiations and agreements and ensure appropriate and consistent communications for approval of leases by the university’s executive leadership and boards.
  3. Oversee the university’s construction endeavors in coordination with the University’s executive leadership, property management, landlords, general contractors, Provo City, and other engaged subcontractors and entities as necessary.
  4. Provide facilities information to the CFO for the University’s Finance and Facilities reports to the Board of Trustees.
  5. Provide support, resources, counsel, and direction to all direct reports and their associated areas to ensure success and competence in fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities under their stewardships.
  6. Ensure policies, procedures, and protocols are current to appropriately manage and maintain inventory and to repair or replace university facilities, equipment, vehicles, and other capital resources.
  7. Oversee the management and implementation of the university’s facilities expansion and master plans and ensure the University’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan (CSP) is updated accurately pertaining to all things impacting all aspects of Facility Operations.
  8. Appropriately engage and keep key university constituents informed of any facility planning, programming, designing, and construction endeavors. 
  9. Oversee property repairs, including equipment and fixture repairs and installations, and other facility upkeep measures that are both within and outside of the landlord’s responsibility, such as drywall patchwork, painting, and other interior fixes, updates, and installations.
  10. Coordinate with property management the day-to-day function and flow of all RMU facilities, including but not limited to capital improvements, sublease options, maintenance and repair, and a safe and clean property.
  11. Provide efficient and effective delivery and integration of facility operations related functions, including:
  1. Support team members, and department/unit leadership teams to ensure needs are being met.
  2. Execute key Facility Operations initiatives in areas of direct accountability per the University’s strategic plans.
  3. Set priorities and administer resources, accordingly, including monitoring and meeting or exceeding operational goals.
  4. Identify and implement opportunities to achieve improvement in business processes and organization structure within job scope.
  5. Establish and monitor plans and tactics to ensure overall service continuity, appropriate staffing levels, and continuous professionalism.
  6. Address and resolve safety, Facility Operations issues, and concerns.
  7. Support future technological innovations and the development and implementation of the University’s strategic plan.
  8. Manage third-party service contracts and vendor relationships pertaining to facilities, including construction and maintenance services.
  9. Ensure professional and productive communications between the building owners, property management (CBRE and RMR) and the university and its internal departments regarding Facility Operation’s needs.
  10. Develop and implement departmental policies and procedures and ensure that all facilities are in accordance with established health and safety regulations, laws, and industry best practices.
  11. Work closely and effectively with the EVP, FO/CFO to keep them well-informed of upcoming commitments and responsibilities, issues and concerns, and the facilitation of appropriate and approved courses of action, referral, or response.
  12. Develops and manages business standards, protocols, and assessments for the purchasing, maintaining, and tracking of materials, equipment, furniture, and supplies to ensure proper use and protect against theft, misuse, injury, and losses.
    1. Works with the EVP, FO/CFO, and the facilities team to build financial budgets and strategic plans for Facility Operations. Provide comprehensive financial information, analysis and reporting to monitor the application of Facility Operations resources.
    2. Ensures facility safety and security regulations are appropriately monitored, managed, and met.
    3. Assist with the review, revision, and renewal of the University’s liability insurance policies.
    4. Oversee and manage the University’s Risk Management endeavors, including but not limited to, organizing and supporting a University Risk Management Committee to help in the administration of risk management policies and protocols, keeping the Risk Management Handbook up-to-date with emergency evacuation policies and protocols, training employees on their role(s) and actions in an emergency, and coordinating RMU’s risk management policies and protocols with landlord, property management and other tenants.



  • Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred (or equivalent experience with measured success)

Required Knowledge:

  • Personal and Professional integrity and high ethical standards
  • Demonstrated awareness and commitment to the use of technology in the delivery of programs and maintenance of institutional data
  • Ability to prioritize needs, provide escalation management, and turn sparse information into functional specifications

Experience Required:

  • A minimum of 10 years of professional experience in complex organizational environments, preferably in an educational institution
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience influencing and working closely with institutional executive level leaders


  • Demonstrated ability to analyze, interpret, and present data
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to organize and present findings effectively, public speaking skills
  • Demonstrated technical expertise and best practices across a variety of systems, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, databases, project management, etc.
  • Exceptional organizational skills including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Successful history of developing relationships with cross-functional teams while interacting positively with executive management
  • Working experience under this title or that related to strategic operations
  • Proven business acuity with ability to make sound decisions under critical timelines
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