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Sr. Director of Enrollment Management

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
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Admissions and Enrollment


The Senior Director for Enrollment Management (SDEM) provides strategic leadership and direction to the University’s comprehensive effort to grow and sustain enrollment. As chief enrollment officer, the SDEM engages with institutional leaders to create, implement and influence plans, policies, strategies, and services that positively impact student enrollment, retention, engagement, and satisfaction.


  1. Leadership
    1. Provide leadership and staffing for the enrollment management process; oversees the preparation and approval of a long-term strategic plan and an annual enrollment management plan.
    2. Provide division leadership and securing of essential short-term and long-term resources, including fiscal, human, and intellectual ideas and programmatic resources so that all departments within the division can effectively and efficiently provide high quality enrollment management services.
    3. Provide the leadership and supervision necessary for on-going development of existing programs and incorporation of new programs to support the University’s enrollment goals.
    4. Organize, direct, and coordinate the activities for the offices of recruiting, advising, admissions, engagement, and marketing;
    5. Makes data-informed decisions for allocating staff and financial resources to achieve enrollment goals;
    6. Develop and fulfill an Enrollment Management vision and strategic plan that emphasizes student-centeredness and creates opportunities for student success;
    7. Develop, implement, monitor, revise, and lead policies, procedures, and initiatives related to the Enrollment Management function that remove barriers to student recruitment and student success, increase student retention, and improve the student learning environment;
    8. Serve as an active participant or leader on University committees and cross-departmental initiatives;
    9. Hire, supervise, evaluate, and oversee the training and development of all Enrollment Management personnel;
    10. Demonstrate fiscal responsibility while reviewing, maintaining, and evaluating the budget for the Enrollment Management function and direct the appropriation of funds and expenditures.;
    11. Make sound judgments regarding how duties and responsibilities are completed and distributed across Enrollment Management personnel;
    12. Support the University’s goals, core values, mission, vision, core themes, and Comprehensive Strategic Plan; 
    13. Ensure and document compliance with state, accreditation, and federal regulations (i.e., FERPA, Title IV, NWCCU, CAPTE, and ADA);
    14. Assume leadership and responsibility for establishing an environment that promotes respect for students, faculty, and staff and recognizes initiative and excellence;
    15. Prepare appropriate reports; analyze and evaluate enrollment and retention data; project student enrollment and attrition retention for use in strategic decision-making. 
  2. Guidance
    1. Provide strategic leadership and operational guidance for the Admissions Office at all aspects of the enrollment funnel and recruitment pipelines, including development of the prospect and inquiry pools, conversion, application processing, and review and yield activities;
    2. Provide leadership and supervision of staff members, including recruitment and selection of new staff and on-going evaluation; oversees establishment of professional development goals for staff members, and provides motivation for continued professional growth.
    3. Confer with marketing to evaluate and promote possibilities for improved and expanded marketing opportunities;
    4. Support market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data for short- and long-term market forecasts and reports;
    5. Establish and support a culture within the division that is committed to the success of students through accountability, creativity, leadership, cooperation, and teamwork;
    6. Provide leadership in the evaluation of programs and services; provide a system of timely review of services; identify current and projected trends in education and recommend enhancements to foster student success.
  3. Collaboration
    1. Maintain effective communication within Enrollment Management and with all other areas on campus; promotes good public relations and serves as a liaison with the communities served by the University and with other institutions, organizations, and agencies which interact with the University.
    2. Collaborate with the college deans and academic program directors to jointly develop recruitment plans, strategies and acceptance standards that meet program enrollment goals;
    3. Collaborate with the divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and other associated parties in formulating, evaluating, and operationalizing student retention strategies and enhancing the student experience;
    4. Work closely with the Director of Financial Aid and the Finance Office/CFO to ensure aid optimization and compliance with all federal and state regulations related to aid funding.
  4. Assessment and Continuous Improvement 
    1. Lead the process of systematic review and evaluation of the Enrollment Management function per the model adopted by the University;
    2. Provide leadership and supervision in all student enrollment data and student informational areas, and ensures the security, integrity, and maintenance of student records.
    3. Maintain a student-centered philosophy and focus for all Enrollment Management initiatives with a clear focus on successful student outcomes and appropriate measurement thereof;
    4. Use outcome measurements to develop, monitor, analyze, and document assessment and continuous improvement plans for the Enrollment Management functional area;
    5. Conduct studies to determine the effectiveness of Enrollment Management policies, programs, and personnel; 
    6. Ensure the Enrollment Management function sets and achieves goals constituent with the Institutional mission, vision, core values, core themes, and goals. 
  5. Other Responsibilities
    1. Report to work punctually and maintain a work schedule to support worksite demands; 
    2. Complete duties and responsibilities in compliance with University standards, policies, and guidelines;
    3. Complete all required training and professional development;
    4. Support University activities and special events through attendance and/or participation.
    5. Represent a positive image of the University to the public;
    6. Maintain confidentiality of information related to students and employees;
    7. Contribute to and review all pertinent University handbooks, documents, websites, and newsletters; 
    8. Maintain a strong Institutional knowledge of policy and procedures;
    9. Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Graduate degree in a related field (such as student development, higher education, administration, or leadership) from a regionally accredited institution.

Required Knowledge:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of planning, monitoring, and evaluating budgets in an educational environment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Enrollment Management functions, including admissions, marketing, registrar, and student services. 
  • Demonstrated understanding of student development theories related to post-secondary education. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of state, accreditation, federal, and general academic laws and regulations. 
  • Demonstrated technical experience, including CRM, marketing automation, and data analysis tools and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher). 

Experience Required:

  • At least ten years of successful leadership experience in higher education administration, including administration of an integrated Enrollment Management department, budgetary responsibilities, supervision and evaluation of personnel, strategic planning and assessment, and Enrollment Management program development.
  • A proven record of enhancing the quality of life for students in and out of the classroom by working creatively and effectively with University personnel and students. 


  • Strong interpersonal, communication, problem solving, leadership, administrative, team-building, and decision-making skills. 
  • Ability to work collegially and effectively with members of the university and leaders in external communities. 
  • Ability to maintain positive, effective working relationships with students, employees, and other constituents. 
  • Effective in working in and leading a team environment. 
  • Demonstrated organizational skills in handing and directing complex projects. 
  • Demonstrated willingness to go beyond a job description to complete a task. 
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve goals. 
  • Ability to work effectively with ethnic, cultural, and socially diverse student populations. 
  • Able to work both independently and as an effective team member. 
  • Ability to perform basic data analysis and identify statistical trends. 
  • High level of energy and good sense of humor with the capacity for extraordinary time and effort demands. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of creative and innovative programs that enhance the relationship between academic affairs and other functional departments.
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